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  • "Purge City made my Purge Night a night to remember! Great products and their customer support provided excellent after-care help on how to remove blood stains from upholstery. Thanks PC!"Pastor S. Hadley, Texas
  • "I thought I was too old to Purge, but Purge City helped me realize that exercising my 28th Amendment rights is not a choice... it's a duty, no matter the age! Plus, their senior discounts are hard to beat."Mrs. J. Ramirez, Ohio
  • "As a mother of 5 rowdy middle-aged men who LOVE to Purge, I can't recommend Purge City highly enough! Purge City helps my family transform every Purge Night into Party Night!"Mrs. H. Targowski, New Mexico
  • "I visited Purge City last week and can honestly say the staff are the friendliest and most informed of any store staff I have encountered. And when you're picking up those stressful, last-minute Purge party supplies, a friendly face is so important!"Mr. G. Ducalmont, California
  • "Not only is the store easy to get around, but unlike some stores (I won't name!) the aisles are organized in a logical way so as not to confuse customers like me! Simple things make the biggest difference. Well done, Purge City."Mr. R. Richards, Wisconsin
  • "As a true patriot, I believe it's every American's duty to visit Purge City at least once in their lives. The amount of excellent quality, made-in-America products and celebratory materials brought a tear to my eye. Keep flying that flag, Purge City!!!!!"Ms. P. Hildermeer, Alaska
The Purge: 10 Episode Television Event - Sept 4 on USA